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2 inch Hook and Loop Discs

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2 inch Blue Film Sanding Discs AO Velcro Backing 25/pk
2 inch Blue Film Sanding Discs AO Velcro Backing 25/pk
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2 Inch Blueflex Micron Velcro Film Sanding Discs

Our 2 inch hook-and-loop discs are popular sellers because of their high quality and the satisfaction of the professional wood workers who use them.

Our 2 inch Blueflex Micron Velcro Film Sanding discs have Velcro backing which provides excellent retention to the orbital sander and the disc sander. The 3/8 inch over-sized discs with the velcro loops enable fast changing of discs. The plastic film backing is more level than paper, and the electrostatic manufacturing process yields a more uniform scratch pattern. This disc is our best- selling 2 inch hook and loop disc.

We can provide a converter disc adapter for use with hook-and-loop if your sander is not equipped for this type of disc.

The Mirka Abralon 2 inch Hook-and-Loop Polishing Discs are constructed with a fabric face, 1/4" thick foam center, and a grip backing. The abrasive material is bonded evenly to the fabric face. The openings in the fabric face allow water, solvent and air to flow freely around the abrasive material. This disc is great for sanding sharp edges, contoured surfaces, and corners. This disc can be used for hard sanding without leaving finger marks due to the foam center. This disc is available in grits of 500, 1000, 2000, and 4000.

The 2 inch hook-and-loop discs with White Rhyno Grip is an Aluminum Oxide Premium sanding disc that has the anti-loading zinc stearate coating. This disc is great for dry sanding using the Grex AOS368 Angle Random Orbital Sander, the Harbor Freight Air Sander, and all 2" Velcro Disc Sanders.

We sell a Power Bowl Sanding Kit consisting of 2 inch Discs and a Mandrel. The Mandrel has a hook pad for easy disc changing and a inch shank. The discs are a variety of grit including 80, 120, 180, 240, 320, 400, and 600 grit Packs. The discs are premium aluminum oxide enhanced sanding discs that have an anti-loading zinc stearate coating and a high cut power for the most efficient sanding. This handy variety pack ensures that you are ready for any job requiring our premium aluminum oxide discs.